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  Universal Viewer Pro | v5.5.4.2 | 5 MB [Filesonic]

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PostSubject: Universal Viewer Pro | v5.5.4.2 | 5 MB [Filesonic]   2/6/2011, 4:27 am

Universal Viewer Pro v5.5.4.2 | 4.63 MB

Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported. Application is fully Unicode-compatible and can be integrated into Windows Explorer's context menu, so there is no problem to call it from anywhere in Explorer: right-click a file and select the "Universal Viewer" item. It can also be integrated into other popular file managers. Generally, Universal Viewer is an application similar to Total Commander Lister.

- Full support for Unicode filenames
- Built-in functions of several popular plugins: images, multimedia, webpages view
- Support for multiple codepages: ANSI, OEM, EBCDIC, ISO, KOI8, Mac etc.
- Toolbar, status bar, other interface improvements
- Auto-reloading of file on changing, "Follow tail" option
- Displaying of line numbers
- Displaying of non-printable characters
- Combined Unicode/Hex mode (call Unicode mode twice)
- More modern RegEx search library
- Print preview- EXIF viewer


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Universal Viewer Pro | v5.5.4.2 | 5 MB [Filesonic]
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